Museum Camps

Summer With Maya

Meet archaeologists and work with engineers to understand the Master Builders of the ancient Maya pyramids and temples. Try your hand at Maya glyphs and look at the skies through eyes of Maya astronomers. All this and much more! Experience the Maya this summer!

For details and reservations, please call 210.357.1910.

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Ages 7-8: June 13-17 and July 11-15
Ages 9-12: June 27 – July 1 and July 25-29

Summer camp is $230 members and $280 for non-members for the full week.
Extended Hours from 3:00-5:00 p.m. is available for $100 per week or $25 per day.*

Daily schedule of topics and activities:

  • Monday – Dig, Find and Uncover: Be an Archaeologist!

Discover a world of powerful pyramids, ancient astronomers and mighty kings. How do we know what life was like in the past? Meet real archaeologists working in the Maya region, and learn how to think like one as you try your hand at excavating lost artifacts.

  • Tuesday – Symbols, Glyphs, Words and Stories

How can pictures tell a story? Learn from an anthropologist how to decode Mayan hieroglyphs and see how they carved their words in stone and painted them on pots and temple walls. What stories will you tell?

  • Wednesday – Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets

What do the sun, moon and stars have to do with life on earth? Explore astronomy and find out how the Maya used the sky to tell time, follow the seasons, plant the crops that nourished them and make sense of the universe.

  • Thursday – Pyramids, Chambers and Arches

Constructing a city is a big job, even today. Could you do it with no wheels or metal tools? How would arches help you go higher? Become an ancient Mayan architect and learn how they built a world in challenging environments that represented their beliefs.

  • Friday – Live, Work and Play the Maya Way!

What was daily life like in the Maya world? What food would you eat? What games would you play? Try Mayan recipes, design your own huipil or weaving and find out how Maya people living today honor their traditions in the modern world.